Yale Art Gallery

Saturday was rather dreary, and with nothing on my schedule I decided to take a trip to the Yale University Art Gallery to see a few exhibits that I’ve been wanting to visit. The first was Still Life: 1970’s Photorealism, and the second, A Great Crowd Had Gathered: JFK in the 1960’s.


The Photorealism exhibit is very cool. The paintings look exactly like photos, hence the title of the exhibit, until you get close enough to see the discreet brush strokes.

DSC_0384DSC_0379 copy 3There are fake bodies in each room that look so real I thought they were going to jump up, wink, or do something freaky. They didn’t.



The pregnant woman was my favorite. You could see her veins, freckles, imperfections, and even goosebumps.


I very much enjoyed the colorful paintings of scenes from the 1950’s and 60’s. I have an affinity for those years, hence my nostalgia and firm belief that I was born in the wrong era.

The JFK exhibit was in just one room. It was a lot smaller than I had anticipated, but very moving nonetheless. It portrayed images, in chronological order, of Kennedy’s life and his powerful impact on America. There are images of Kennedy speaking at the Democratic convention, parading throughout Connecticut, the day he was elected, the day of his death, newspaper articles documenting the shooting, the Warren Commission, and photographs displayed in windows remembering the Kennedy’s and his lasting impression. If you know me, you know of my fascination with the Kennedy’s. I’ve watched countless documentaries on the family and could tell you anything you need to know, so this exhibit was right up my alley.

If you’re in Connecticut and able to pay a visit to these exhibits, I think you should. And then take a walk around the charming Yale campus.


Also, check out American Experience’s ‘1964’. It’s a fascinating documentary that explores cultural, political, and social events in America, post-Kennedy.


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