One of my all time favorite things is to go thrifting, antiquing, consigning; you name it. Whenever I find myself in a new city or country, I have to pop into their local thrift shops.


DSC_0203I love the idea of walking into a place and being surrounded by years and years of history.

I love the assortment of treasures that each shop has.

I love the smells, usually musty or something of the sort.

I love the element of surprise. You never know what you are going to see because no two thrift shops are alike.

I also love meeting the shop owners. Many of them are eager to chat with visitors, curious as to where you are from, and excited to show off their most prized items.


Just the other day I popped into an antique shop and was greeted by an adorable Airedale Terrier and the owner. The woman, with a cigarette in one hand, pulled out an old scrapbook from the 1800’s. It belonged to Joseph Twichell, long time companion and pastor of Samuel L. Clemens, otherwise known as Mark Twain. [Sidenote: Twichell married Clemens to his wife, and christened their children]. She flipped to a page that had a hand-written note from Clemens to Twichell (circa 1874) thanking him for the book he had lent him. It was so neat being able to hold a piece of history before it is reluctantly placed into the hands of Yale.

While browsing through a shop’s vintage treasures, most of the things that catch my eye are usually fabulous and way out of my league; the price tag confirms it.


However, that is half the fun because it makes the items you can afford that much more special.


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