Favorite Thrift Shop Finds

Whenever I travel to a new city I always jump on the opportunity to browse a thrift shop, or two.

I usually can’t afford most of the items I fall for. However, the select few that I can afford are my most prized possessions.

I wanted to show you some of my favorite thrift shop finds that I have collected over the years, from all over the country, as well as Italy(!!). Maybe this will inspire you to head on over to your local thrift shop to start your own collection of goodies.

Bar Cart Necessities 

DSC_0245DSC_0232Gold Bamboo Napkin Rings: Hospital Thrift Shop, Nantucket, MA// Set of Gold Rimmed Champagne Coupes: Clinton Antique Center, Clinton, CT// Set of Gold Striped Glasses w. Decanter: Etsy Shop//Retro Ice Crusher: The Annapolis Bookstore, Annapolis, MA

Wool Blankets


Plaid Blanket: Midland Antiques, Indianapolis, IN// Pink + White Blanket: Etsy Shop



Small Kate Spade Woven Handbag: Retro, New Milford, CT// Picnic Basket: Elephant’s Trunk Flea Market, New Milford, CT// Leather Luggage: Family heirloom


Italian Rabbit Fur Hat: Black Eyed Susan Consignments, Guilford, CT// Vintage Sunglasses: A.N.G.E.L.O, Florence, Italy// Early 1900’s Mother of Pearl Pocket Knife: Family heirloom



Ralph Lauren Hand Knit Ski Sweater: Black Eyed Susan Consignments, Guilford, CT// Kate Spade Dress: Black Eyed Susan Consignments, Guilford, CT// 1950’s Alfred Shaheen Skirt: Current Vintage, Nantucket, MA//Vintage Emilio Pucci Swim Cover-up: Etsy Shop

Over the past few years I learned to stop spending money on trendy & inexpensive pieces. I would wear things once or twice and then neglect them for the next big thing. I now try to purchase more quality and timeless items, and steer clear of the “2 for 1” deal.

What amazes me is that these thrift shop finds are still stylish after so many years and are in excellent condition. Considering these items have been around for a while, I know they will last for another 20 years or until I sell them to the next lucky broad.


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